Greeks bought 1.8 million smartphones in 2020

Greeks bought 1.8 million smartphones in 2020

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Greeks bought 1.8 million smartphones in 2020
Sunday, 31-Jan-2021 08:36
Greeks bought 1.8 million smartphones in 2020

By Kostas Ketsietzis

The pandemic brought changes in the purchasing preferences of the Greeks for smartphones, as according to information from the market of technology products in 2020, fewer but more expensive devices were sold. In the battle of products, however, the market is for a few, as only four manufacturers (Apple, Huawei, Samsung and Xiaomi) hold close to 90% of the market.

In particular, the market data for 2020 show that about 1.8 million devices were sold, when in 2019 where the corresponding number had reached 2 million. At the same time, however, the total value of smartphones moved to the level of 517 million euros compared to 523 million euros in 2019, which according to market participants is due to the fact that consumers turned to more expensive devices.

In terms of units, the market share of smartphones with a price below 100 fell by 5 percentage points this year, to 8%. About 48% of the smartphones sold last year in Greece, were in the category of 100-200 euros, when the percentage of this category in 2019 exceeded 50%. Respectively, the share of smartphones with a value of over 600 euros increased by about 2 units, exceeding 10%.

Manufacturers’ shares
The four largest companies represent 87% of the total market at the level of units and approached 94% based on value. In terms of units sold, Samsung is consistently in the first place, holding a share that exceeded 33%, ie almost one in three phones sold last year, belonged to the Korean company.

Xiaomi recorded a significant increase last year, which managed to prevail in the budget options and increase its share (always in relation to the number of mobile phones sold) to 28% from 17% in 2019. Huawei’s share fell to 17 % but the company managed to maintain third place. In fourth place is Apple, which increased its share to 8.5% from 7% last year.

The rest of the manufacturers remain in low single-digit percentages. Honor moved to the level of 3.5% from about 4% in 2019. The fall of MLS, which is facing problems and has stopped agreements with many retail chains, is remarkable, with its share falling to 2% from 7 , 5% in 2019.

The picture in comparison based on the value of the devices sold, is quite different. Samsung remains in first place with a share close to 37%, but second here is Apple with 26%. In third place is Xiaomi with a share reaching 19%, and Huawei with 12%. As seen in terms of value, 94% went to these four companies with all the rest sharing only 6%.

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