Lottery sambad 21.2.2021 Result Today 11:55 am 4 pm 8 pm Nagaland State Lottery

By | February 21, 2021

Lottery sambad result today 11:55 am 4 pm 8 pm Nagaland state lottery

 Lottery Sambad is a standard website through which we can see all types of lottery results by visiting this website, Lottery Sambad Morning Lottery Samband Evening Lottery Sambad Today Lottery Sambad 1155 Lottery Dialog 4:00PM i.e.West Bengal State Lottery Lottery 8PM ie Sikkim State Lottery like Nagaland State Lottery etc. With the new updates on this website, you can easily see the different results on the list listed daily in the manner of lottery games of India. Some states are played only out of which Sikkim State which we know as the Sikkim State Lottery, similarly the night game is known as Nagaland State Lottery and the evening lottery game is West Bengal State Lottery.

Lottery sambad result today 11:55 am morning result

Lottery Sambad Result


Are you searching the result of Lottery Sambad morning result, then you are present on the right webpage. The official website is where various types of lottery results are published at the right time like Sikkim State Lottery Sambad Morning 11:55 Am Nagaland State Lottery DhanKesari and Lottery Sambad Night Lottery Sambad 2020 which is an important lottery. As it is known that lottery matches are played in 13 states, in this lottery game through which people buy money for sports payment lottery and get lakhs of rupees as winner and strengthen their luck.



West Bengal state lottery result 4 Pm


Lottery Sambad results are published three times in 1 day. Lottery Sambad Morning 11:55 am West Bengal Lottery Sambad 4pm and Lottery Sambad Evening are published at 8pm.

We know from the name of these that the value of all these are different and the prize money is also different, we play a lottery game played in the morning in Sikkim State, whose ticket is worth ₹ 7 and the name is ₹ 10000000. Thus we play the evening games in West Bengal, the ticket price is ₹ 6 and the prize money is ₹ 3400000, similarly in the night timeWe play the game of Rathi in Nagaland State, whose ticket is worth ₹ 6 and the prize money is ₹ 5000000, all the people who come through the Lottery Sambad website about the blackjack game will get complete information on this website.

Nagaland State Lottery Result 8 Pm


The game uses Nagaland state lottery (or tubs) numbered from 1 to 90. The Sikkim state lottery are placed in a special lottery sambad (or bag), mixed, and then removed one by one. During the main game, 77 (seventy-seven) Sikkim state lottery (tubs) are taken out of the lottery sambad (bag). Sikkim state lottery (tubs) released from the lottery sambad (bag) are not returned to the lottery sambad (bag).

There are two game boards on the lottery ticket. Each main board has a total of 27 (twenty-seven) cells (3 horizontal rows and 9 vertical columns). There are only 15 digits on the board with 5 (five) digits in each row, and only 30 (thirty) digits on each lottery ticket.



The game consists of three rounds :


1. In the first round,

 any of the horizontal rows of the lottery ticket, the fastest, filled ticket is considered the winner. In the first round, if any of the horizontal rows of the lottery ticket is filled as soon as possible, including the pre-announced departure (inclusive), that ticket wins the Jackpot. The game of tickets won in the first round continues.


2.  The second round of the  lottery ticket board the l g than the n h g r, one of which,  at the prompt, full ticket wins the prize money of 10 000 pounds.  

If more than one ticket is won, the amount is divided equally among the winning lottery tickets. In the second round, if any of the two lottery ticket boards fills up as soon as possible, including the pre-announced trip (inclusive), that ticket wins the MEGA POT. In this case, the second round is considered over. The winning ticket game in the second round continues.


3. The third round

 lasts at least until the 75th round (inclusive) and any ticket filled is considered a win (if both boards of a ticket are filled, the winnings are added together). The first prize in this round is a pre-determined amount, and if several tickets are won, this amount is divided equally between them. The first candidates (waiting) are awarded for winning the first and second rounds of the main game.


If both boards of a ticket are full, the winnings are accumulated. 


If the numbers of the Sikkim state lottery (barrels) left in the lottery bag (barrel) at the end of the main game in the “Classic Lotto” lottery coincide with at least 6 of the numbers on one of the lottery ticket boards, the lottery ticket wins at least 1 manat.

In addition to the main game, incentive prizes are drawn. Only the largest winning amount is paid on the lottery ticket won in the incentive round (other winnings are not added to this prize)

Thus, 4 (four) consecutive digits are determined by removing the balls (tubs) numbered from 0 to 9 from the lottery sambad (bag) before the main game starts:

  • If the last 4 (four) of these numbers correspond to the last (4) four digits of the lottery ticket number, the ticket wins 200 (two hundred) manats.
  • If the last 3 (three) of these numbers correspond to the last (3) three digits of the lottery ticket number, the ticket wins 20 (twenty) manats.
  • If the last 2 (two) of these numbers correspond to the last two digits of the lottery ticket number, the ticket wins 2 (two) manats.

Nagaland State Lottery Result 8 pm

At the end of the main game, 2 (two) digits from 0 to 9 are removed from the lottery and 2 (two) digits are determined twice in a row, and these consecutive digits correspond to the last 2 (two) digits of the lottery ticket number 2 (two) will receive a prize in the amount of AZN

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These are the types of lotteries played in Azerbaijan. Prices range from 1 to 2 manats.

Although it is often reported on television that lotteries have houses, cars and cash prizes, there is more distrust of the population in lottery games. Most of the residents I interviewed in the capital, Baku, said they didn’t believe in lotteries:

LOTTERY  Sambad ticket of West Bengal state lottery

– My family and I never buy lottery tickets. I do not believe in the accuracy of those games. I think that the lottery is a voluntary tax for those who do not know mathematics.

– So far, I have won the lottery, but I have not won anything. You do not know what they are doing in front of a person’s eyes, maybe the result is known from the very beginning. I do not know.

– Now on TV a fat man is shown as a thin man, what is there to deceive people in the lottery…

– I do not believe it is true, I think there is a scam here.

Histry of Lottery Sambad

The Free Consumers’ Union, which investigated complaints about lotteries a few years ago, also found significant problems in this area. The chairman of the union, Lottery sambad morning West bengal state lottery, says that at that time they managed to close 23 lottery companies. According to Lottery sambad morning West bengal state lottery, they hope that after the adoption of the Law on Lotteries in 2004, rules will be established in this area as well.

Monopoly has replaced:

– We thought that after the establishment of Nagaland state of india, the situation in the lottery market will improve, but, unfortunately, even today Nagaland state of india lotteries are a lottery that deceives people.

The chairman of the Free Consumers’ Union is dissatisfied with the activities of Nagaland state of india’s drawing commissions. He claims that the lottery commissions operating in Nagaland state of india have no legal status:

– The worst thing in the activities of Nagaland state of india is that the legal status of the lottery commissions is not determined by law and does not interfere in any matter and formally sits there.

(Drawing commission is established by the lottery organizer and monitors the play of the lottery prize fund in accordance with the law)

VIOLATION OF THE Lottery Sambad result

Another shortcoming related to lotteries is the violation of the Law on Lotteries. Thus, Article 7 of the Law stipulates that lottery tickets must contain information about the company that printed it. However, our research has shown that there is no information about the printing house that publishes lottery tickets on any lottery tickets.

Lottery expert Khalifa West bengal state lottery believes that if the name of the printing house that publishes lottery tickets is not on the ticket, it is a serious violation of the law. According to him, the fact that the name of the printing house is not written on the ticket is due to transparency

The Ministry of Economic Development states that the activities of Nagaland state of india are completely transparent

raises many questions.

However, it is noted on the back of each ticket that the amount of the prize fund of each draw is 50-80 percent of the total amount of tickets sold in that draw.



The Ministry of Economic Development, which is the founder of Nagaland state of india Open Joint-Stock Company, says that the activity of the organization is completely transparent.

According to the spokesman for the ministry, Abbas Aliyev, all draws are broadcast live in front of everyone, and there is no question of non-transparency.

Moreover, Abbas Aliyev told the company’s financial reporting that all information on how many lottery tickets were sold, how much money was received from winnings and how much tax was paid to the budget was posted on the company’s official website.

ABOUT 34 MILLION MANATS of Lottery Sambad Result

According to the website of Nagaland state of india OJSC, in 2009 the organization received about 34 million manat from the sale of lotteries, of which 20 million manat, about 60 percent was allocated to the prize fund. In addition, the amount paid by the company to the budget and extra-budgetary funds amounted to about 4.5 million manat.

Moreover, the head of the press service said that he was not aware of the fact that the printing house where the lottery tickets were printed was not shown.


“Turan” news agency Hafiz Babalu expert believes that the organization founded by the Ministry of Economic Development of the defense, but there are significant problems in the performance of the organization, which is a monopoly. The economist, who once said that he was represented in the drawing commission, listed the shortcomings he observed. He says that checking the sold tickets, what steps are taken regarding the unsold tickets, the control over these processes is not strict.

In addition, Hafiz Babali says that the tender legislation was violated in the purchase of apartments and cars, which were gambled on winnings:

– In other words, Nagaland state of india acquires more than 100 cars a year and buys all of them on the basis of a direct contract, which, of course, can not be considered successful in terms of efficient use of funds.

According to Hafiz Babali, control over the use of funds by Nagaland state of india is also unsatisfactory in terms of transparency. The economist says that the root of all problems is monopoly.

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