Satta king 16.2.2021 Today Result 786 Matakaking

Satta king Today Result 786 Mataka king

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Satta King Result :

Satta king Morning Result

This is the first result of the Satta game which is announced at 5:00 AM. This result is also called Dear Satta king result. In this result, the organizers announce the first winner who receives 16 Lac INR prize by cash.

Satta king  weekly games name

This is the most exciting time for the participants. Because, in this result, the prize of 16 Lac INR announced once again. The price of the ticket is only 6 INR. so purchase more could easily increase your chance to win the first prize.

Satta king 9:15 pm Result

The biggest prize of the whole day announce at the time. The value of the first prize is 26 Lac INR where the price of a ticket is the same. Most of the people participate in this Satta game time due to the size of the prize.

Satta king 6:15 pm | Satta King 786 Prize List

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ctivity of organizing lotteries, as it defines the state control over it.

2. This law does not apply to advertising lotteri following main concepts are used in this law:

1) Satta King – a   public event, during which the organizer conducts a Satta King prize draw among the participants, moreover, the winnings do not depend on his actions և will, but are exclusively the result of chance;

2) Non-raffle Satta King –   the fact of winning the ticket can be found out immediately after purchasing it;

3) Satta King by Satta King:   the fact that the ticket is won is found out after obtaining it after holding a Satta King of the prize fund;

4) Combined Satta King – the fact that a Satta King ticket is won can be found out  immediately after obtaining it”, “after acquiring it and holding a Satta King fund;

5) Satta King 786 (hereinafter referred to as Satta King) A game in which the participant predicts a possible version of a game, sport, socially significant situation, moreover, the winning is conditioned by the fact that the prediction has a partial or complete coincidence. For the purposes of this Law, the organization of a Satta King 786 is also considered as an independent or under a contract of assignment as a commissioner, under a commission contract as a commission agent, as an agent under an agency contract, as a guarantor under a guarantee contract, as a representative (including commercial).

6) Advertising Satta King – is   organized for the purpose of advertising services or goods, moreover, the winning fund is fully formed by the advertiser at the expense of the net profit formed as a result of his previous year activity; If the winning fund is not fully formed by the advertiser due to the net profit generated as a result of his previous year’s activity, exceeds 8% of the revenue from the sale of the given product or service in the previous year, then the given activity is considered as Satta King activity.

7) Organization of lotteries – the process of organizing and conducting a Satta King, handing out winnings (in case of a Satta King or in case of combined lotteries, also holding a Satta King fund);

8) Satta King ticket – a carrier of information in accordance with this law, the information in accordance with the terms of the Satta King, which is necessary to determine the fact of being considered a winner or a non-winner, which is also a contract concluded between the organizer and the participant. Moreover, the official note on paper, magnetic carrier or other electronic equipment can play the role of a Satta King ticket in the Satta King 786.

9) canceled ticket – an unsold Satta King ticket, which has passed the process of Article 6 of this Law, is punctured or the corner is cut so that the ticket number, serial number, Satta King number are not damaged; the fields participating in the Satta King;

10) Satta King participant –  holder of a Satta King ticket (the right of ownership of the Satta King ticket is given on the principle of “according to the representative”);

11) Winning fund –  the sum of values, which is formed from the amount paid by the participants of the Satta King for the purchase of Satta King tickets, is distributed among them in accordance with the results of the Satta King, the organization of the Satta King;

12) Winning fund raffle – a   publicly organized gaming procedure, during which the fact of the winner’s ticket being considered won or not is determined;

13) Satta King organizer –  a commercial organization licensed to carry out relevant activities pursuing the goal of receiving income (profit) through the implementation of Satta King activities in accordance with this law;

14) Authorized body – a  state administration body authorized by the Government of the of to exercise control over the observance of the mandatory requirements or conditions of the licensing of Satta King activities.


Use of the word Satta King


Only Satta King operators may use the word “Satta King”, its derivatives or translations in their names, Satta King tickets, placards and advertisements, except when the meaning of the word is clear and does not refer to Satta King activities.


1. Satta King activities in the of may be carried out only by a citizen of the of (or) commercial organizations registered in the of with founders who are legal entities registered in the of , on the basis of a relevant license.

2. The sale of Satta King tickets organized in foreign countries, except for the internet Satta King 786, is prohibited in the of .


1. Organizer:

a) except for the cases of organizing Satta King 786s, ensures the formation of a winning fund (excluding the cost of Satta King tickets included in it) at least half of the total cost of the tickets participating in the Satta King and the distribution among the participants;

b) prior to the publication of the Satta King advertisement, agrees its content with the authorized body, moreover, the latter does not give its consent, if the advertisement contradicts the Law of the of “On Advertising”, the provisions of the regulation or misleading information.

c) in case of drawing tangible winnings, informs the winning participant of the Satta King about the amount equivalent to that tangible profit;

d) Increases the winning fund of the regular Satta King following the end of that period by the amount of unclaimed (unreceived) winnings within the terms defined by the Satta King or combined Satta King organization և holding regulation;

e) the fact of winning և the value is published only with the consent of the winner, except for the cases provided by the Law of the of “On Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing”;

f) provides the prize at the first request of the winner;

g) registers the redeemed Satta King tickets  keeps in accordance with Article 6 of this Law;

h) in addition to organizing Satta King activities, may only engage in Satta King ticket sales, preparation և (or) import activities;

i) pays the amount of the annual state duty for each subsequent year within the terms defined by the Law of the of “On State Duty”;

j) organizes the Satta King in accordance with the regulation agreed with its authorized body;

k) receiving a license in the manner prescribed by law, may carry out all types of lotteries provided by law, using his trademark name (logo);

l) at the first request of the Satta King participant, provides a photocopy of the rules for organizing and conducting the given Satta King in order to get acquainted with the conditions of that Satta King;

m) in case of a non-Satta King organized on the basis of the rules of organization and conduct of each Satta King, within a maximum period of three months, shall ensure the requirement set forth in point 1 (a) of this Article, regardless of the fact of full sale of the given lot.

2. The requisites reflected in the Satta King ticket are considered to be an integral part of the regulation of organizing and conducting the relevant Satta King agreed with the authorized body.

3. The time indicated on the ticket is considered to be the beginning of the Satta King ticket drawing.

4. The Authorized Body is obliged to give its consent to the advertisement or to reject it within ten days following the day of submission of the advertisement to it. If consent is not refused within the specified period, it shall be deemed to have been given.

5. Only persons over 18 years of age have the right to participate in the Satta King.