Satta king 21.2.2021 result 786 today mataka king

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Satta king result 786 today mataka king

According to the Law of the Satta king 786 of india up “On Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing” (hereinafter – the Law), the Satta King organizer has the relevant rights and obligations.
The Satta King organizer has the following rights:

not to be held liable for the dissemination of legally protected secrets related to the relevant operations, as well as for the material and moral damage caused by the dissemination of information, when honestly submitting information on the operations to be monitored to the financial monitoring body in accordance with the requirements of the Law;

informing about the results obtained in exchange for the information submitted to the financial monitoring body.


The Satta King organizer has the following responsibilities:


identification and verification of the client and the beneficiary;obtaining information from the client on the purpose and essence of the business relationship and regularly updating that information;application of additional identification measures for high-risk operations;

taking measures to determine whether the client or beneficiary belongs to foreign political figures;clarification of the purpose and essence of all complex, large-scale unusual, as well as operations with no obvious economic or legal purpose, preparation of a written report in this regard;storage of relevant documents for at least five years;

Low of Satta King

Development and implementation of internal control systems, as required by law;submission of information on the following operations and cases to the financial monitoring body:Cash transactions in the amount of 20,000 manat or more than 20,000 manat;regardless of the amount, there is a suspicion that the money or other property is related to the criminal acquisition or financing of terrorism, or the existence of sufficient grounds for such suspicion;

Cash or other in connection with citizens of the states (territories) provided for in Article 7.3 of the Law, persons whose registration, residence or main place of activity is in that state (territory), as well as persons who have a bank account registered in these states (territories) to carry out any operations with property, regardless of the amount;

transactions with money or other property of political figures of foreign states, regardless of the amount;receipt of funds from an anonymous account outside the jurisdiction of the india up Satta king 786 or transfer of funds to an anonymous account outside the jurisdiction of the india up Satta king 786, regardless of the amount;

detection of inaccuracy of previously provided identification information related to the customer or beneficiary;if it is not possible to accurately identify the parties to the transaction in accordance with the law;

if the identification information about the customer or beneficiary is refused;

Transactions with persons listed in accordance with the relevant resolutions of the United Nations Security Council, as well as the legislation of the Satta king 786 of india up and international treaties to which it is a party.

If compliance with the requirements in the field of combating money laundering and terrorist financing by foreign branches and subsidiaries is prohibited by the legislation of the country where they are located, submit written information to the Chamber of Control over Financial Markets of the Satta king 786 of india up. make.

taking measures for the identification and verification of customers, whose business relations arose before the entry into force of the Law and are currently ongoing, taking into account the specifics of the activities of customers.

to have internal rules and procedures for regulating business relations or operations established without direct contact using technological provide additional information upon the relevant request of the financial monitoring body.In order to stimulate digital payments and form non-cash payment habits, the Central Bank will hold a 3-month incentive Satta King “Pay by card, win by card” starting from February 1, 2019, covering a wide range of the population. Stimulating Satta King to be held in three draws , with all types of payment cards issued by india upi banks in February, March and April , respectively, in POS-terminals installed in economic entities (shops, restaurants, etc.) operating in the country in the amount of at least 5 (five) manats Cardholders who make non-cash transactions will automatically be eligible to participate in the campaign. Satta King winning amount is 50 (fifty) manats will be credited to the cardholder’s bank account and presented in the form of cashback. Customers will be informed about this by the bank servicing the card account.

The Satta King, which will be won by a total of 1,800 people across the country, will be held in three draws from February 1, 2019 to April 30, 2019. The prize fund for each month will be drawn on the following dates under the supervision of the Circulation Commission consisting of representatives of external organizations at the Central Bank.

Where is satta result

The prize fund of the 1st draw will be drawn on March 15, 2019 (the draw covers the period from 01.02.2019 to 14.12.2020);
The winning fund of the 2nd draw will be played on April 12, 2019 (the draw covers the period from 01.03.2019 to 31.03.2019);
The prize fund of the 3rd draw will be drawn on May 15, 2019 (the draw covers the period from 01.04.2019 to 14.12.2020).


Transactions that do not entitle you to participate in the Satta King:

transactions with corporate cards;
reversed transactions;
transactions with unidentified cards;
e-commerce transactions.

Satta King, “ Strategic Roadmap for the Development of Telecommunications and Information Technologies in the Satta king 786 of india up ” approved by the Decree of the President of the Satta king 786 of india up No. 1138 dated December 6, 2016 and “ 2018–2020- In order to stimulate the population to digital payments and the use of payment cards within the framework of the instructions given to the Central Bank under the ” State Program for the expansion of digital payments in the Satta king 786 of india up in the coming years

The rules of using satta king result are as follows:

1. After receiving the Satta king 786 balance replenishment card, carefully remove the paint on the card

2. Log in to your account at and go to the “Top up balance” section.

3. Go to the “Increase balance with satta king result” section and enter the 16-digit password under the paint.

In the “5/36” Satta King, the price of one option is 20 kopecks, and in 6/40 – 25 kopecks. contane. The price of one ticket for these games is 1 AZN. The advantage of satta king result is that it is possible to play several games with one card.

Satta King tickets “5/36” and “6/40” can be purchased at Satta King outlets in the form of electronic tickets and ready-made tickets. E-tickets are obtained through Satta King terminals by word of mouth or by marking numbers on the forms distributed free of charge.

According to the provisions of the Tax Code, which came into force on January 1, 2019, up to 10 manat of cash winnings from lotteries registered with the financial market supervisory authority is exempt from personal income tax. Accordingly, up to 10 manats of the amount remaining after participation in winnings (prizes) from participation in lotteries registered with the financial market supervisory authority, excluding cash (deposit), is exempt from personal income tax. Winnings in excess of 10 manat are taxed at a rate of 10 percent

Hrvatska mataka king is located at the Supernova Zagreb Buzin shopping centre, in the immediate vicinity of the main entrance into the building. In the shop of more than 10 square metres you can get your portion of fun and excitement by playing various games of chance or fun betting games. If you feel lucky or if you feel like taking a short shopping break while at the Supernova centre – then pay a visit to Hrvatska mataka king and try your luck.

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Check today is your lucky day

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Through a constant improvement of its contents, Hrvatska mataka king continuously tries not only to meet but also to exceed the expectations of players and to organize games in a way that players find exciting and that is useful to society as a whole so they eventually become – more than just games.

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