The essence of technology

The essence of technology

In terms of its essence, the existence of technology depends on people’s needs and meets their needs. Early humans created and used technology to solve their basic needs. The current technology is to meet people’s broader needs and desires, and requires a huge social structure to support it.
Today, an important example of this phenomenon is the telephone. As the phone is in the process of development, society has become a desire for more portable devices. Finally, this desire created a demand for new products and led to the invention of mobile phones. Now, almost everyone can talk at any time, no matter where they are. This invention changed the relationship between people: some people are now more accountable and more dependent, with fewer reasons not to stay connected. The complexity of technology creates an interaction between technology and society.
When the use of technology is ubiquitous in modern society, a common set of characteristics can be used in modern technology. Many authors, such as McGinn (1991) and Winston (2003) listed the following key characteristics:
Complexity refers to the characteristics that most modern tools are difficult to understand (that is, a series of pre-training on manufacturing or use is required). Some are relatively simple to use, but relatively difficult to understand their sources and manufacturing methods, such as table knives , baseballs, and highly processed foods. There are also difficult to use and difficult to understand, such as tractors, TVs, computers, etc.
Dependence refers to the fact that today’s tools are mostly dependent on other modern tools, and other modern tools are dependent on other other modern tools, whether in manufacturing or use. For example, cars are supported by a huge and complex manufacturing and maintenance industry. The use also requires a complex road, street, highway, gas station , maintenance plant and waste collection equipment.
Diversity refers to different types and variations of the same tool. Imagine the many spoons and scissors that exist today . Even more complex tools usually come in many shapes and styles, such as construction cranes or excavators.
Popularity , scale, refers to the popularization of modern technology. Simply put, technology seems to be in every corner. It dominates modern life. In addition, the scale also refers to the range of many modern technical programs, such as mobile phone network, the Internet , aircraft navigation, communications satellites and its people on Earth impact .
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In the 1977 edition of the “Licensing Trade Manual for Developing Countries”, the World Intellectual Property Organization defined technology : ” Technology is the systematic knowledge of the manufacture of a product , a process used or an item provided Services, regardless of whether this knowledge is reflected in an invention, a design, a utility model, or a new plant variety, or in technical information or skills, or in an expert’s design, installation , operation or maintenance A factory or the services or assistance provided for the management of an industrial and commercial enterprise or its activities. “This is the most comprehensive and complete definition of technology so far given in the world. The Intellectual Property Organization defines all scientific knowledge that can bring economic benefits in the world as technology.

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The essence of technology


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Technology (Technology) History
A technology is all about the effective science (theory and research methods) in a certain field , and all the rules for solving design problems in this field to achieve public or individual goals .

According to different production industries , technology can be divided into: agricultural technology, industrial technology, communication technology, transportation technology, etc.
According to different production content , technologies can be divided into: electronic information technology , biotechnology , three medicine technology, material technology, advanced manufacturing and automation technology , energy and energy saving technology , environmental protection technology, and agricultural technology .
Tool rule
Rules for the use of tools: For example, the instructions for use of the tools .
Principle rules of the tool : For example, the working principle diagram of the tool.
Tool manufacturing rules: for example, tool material requirements, physical and chemical performance requirements, shape and size requirements and other parameters .
Tool inspection rules: for example, tool accuracy standards, quality levels , feature sizes , functional scope, etc.
Restrictive rules for tools: for example, precautions when using tools.

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